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Curry Leaf Food & Catering has developed a reputation for its authentic food along with unique themes and professionalism, while maintaining flexibility and exceptional personal service. Finding the perfect caterer is an essential part of any event or gathering. Weddings, corporate events, parties and family gatherings are times when the services of a caterer is most needed.

Our aim is to make all our events truly unique and memorable. We ensure high success and an unforgettable experience. Providing emphasis on food quality and the best hospitality services to all your delegates. We maintain a high level of quality and service by addressing all our customer requirements. This is the benchmark at Curry Leaf Food & Catering.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to book us for your next event.


Please contact us at the following numbers:

Rajan: +60 12 9533250
Param: +60 12 7995424
Ms. Honeytha: +60 17 9750274